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About Club Impact

At Club Impact Ministries we are dedicated to helping men and women experience the joy and adventure of radically following Christ. We seek to help them maximize not only their success in life, but also their satisfaction and significance. We do this by hosting events with speakers who authentically and relevantly discuss their own relationship with Christ and how this influences the whole of their lives. We also offer venues for men and women to grow deeper in their faith through weekly bible studies and mentoring or to simply connect with fellow travelers on the journey. Finally, we seek to equip people with the tools and training that will empower them to return to their spheres of influence to be game changers in others’ lives through Christ. And we do all of this in typically unexpected arenas—Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Tennis clubs, and more.

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Our Vision is to help men and women

• discover in their own experience the surprising adventure of life with Christ,

• understand how God has intentionally designed them so they can be a part of His great eternal plan, and

• learn how to intentionally influence and equip others for this same great adventure.

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