Bible in 90 Minutes


Ever wonder how the different books of the bible fit together? What God’s plan for history and eternity is? We invite you to join us to hear Dwight Edwards put the bible together in a way you’ll never forget! Among the many things you will discover from this workshop are:

  • The power of perspective in radically and lastingly changing lives.
  • The 6 major acts in the divine drama called “The Bible.”
  • How every book of the bible relates to these 6 acts.
  • God’s purposes for Israel.
  • Why the bible is split in two (Old Testament/New Testament); and the critical differences between them.
  • Why there are 4 gospels and the uniqueness of each.
  • How to see Christ in the whole of the bible.
  • Why the issue of how we read the bible is of paramount importance for our spiritual lives.
  • What we will be doing in eternity (… it’s not a harp and a cloud).
  • How to retain the whole of the bible through mental picturing and how to explain the whole of the bible in 90 seconds!
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